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Below we’ve listed a few simple of the best changes you can make to earn more money selling your home in today’s market. Ultimately this is a topic we at Kramer Realty Group have a responsibility to stay on top of what buyers are currently working for, what’s holding value and the trends that drive the market. 

1. Paint the Walls and Baseboards

Even if it’s just repainting the same color on the walls, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a home’s look and feel. Painting the walls solid colors or having an accent wall in each room with a texture on it can help make the room feel bigger and newer. Also, neatly painting the baseboards with a fresh coat of white paint can help make a house look newer and bigger. The crisp, straight line separating the white baseboard from the colored walls provides a nice contrast and makes the house look more modern than a house with wood-stained baseboards.

2. Landscaping

Adding greenery to both the interior and exterior can do wonders for the perception of a house. Subconsciously, we all want a house that supports life. If plants can survive and thrive in the house’s environment, so can humans, right?

[PRO TIP] Make your home look newer and bigger with a brighter and cleaner interior. If possible, having all appliances and living necessities on the main floor can help home appear to be more accessible, too.

3. Power Wash the Exterior

Hiring an agent is truthfully one of the most important decisions you will make. If you’ve sold a home before, you understand this. Try not to fall into the trap of over-emphasizing flashy billboards & pie-in-the-sky sales numbers. Yes, you do want a successful agent and team- but you also want one that you can genuinely connect with and trust. Finding this combination of experience and professionalism can be difficult. Start by asking someone you already trust who’s familiar with this industry. You can also take this quiz learn what the ideal agent based on your personality and needs looks like.

4. New Kitchen Fixtures

Switching out cabinet handles and drawer knobs seems simple, but that small fix can really spruce up a kitchen’s look. Knobs and handles can cost as low as $2 per knob at hardware stores and can usually be replaced within minutes with a screwdriver.

[PRO-TIP]  Take years of wear off your kitchen. After instillations, take a hefty dose of baking soda when cleaning up the kitchen. Use lightly on most finishes while apply more aggressively to grout and most flooring.

5. Deck Installation

While it may be a pricey investment, it does help the appeal of your property a lot. Everyone loves going to an open house where they can envision themselves sipping iced tea on the deck on a hot summer day. Creating that vision and feel is a lot harder to do without a strong outdoor feature, like a deck. According to HGTV, “Adding a 16×20 ft. pressure-treated wood deck with a simple pattern costs about $11,000. At resale, you’ll get about $10,000 of that back, a recoup rate of 90 percent.” So basically, you almost break even by adding a deck.You are more likely to have more people interested in making offers on your house with one.

6. Stage Your Home

Whether you contract someone to stage your home for you or do it yourself, have stylish furniture in the house to make it look more full. An empty house makes it harder to feel at home, and therefore, will be less desirable on the market. Seeing a Pinterest-esque house makes people want to live in that house. Even if you need to buy furniture from an antique shop or thrift store, no one needs to know that couch you got was $10. As long as it looks like it was expensive, people will love it. If you’d like us to send over our next Seller’s Resource, subscribe to our Seller’s alerts here.

7. Fence Your Yard

If you don’t already have a fence around your backyard, get one. If you have one that’s broken-down or older looking, replace it. While a stainless steel fence can increase the value of the house for people with pets, the best type of fence for increasing home value is wood panel or privacy fences. These help block out unsightly views in the neighboring yards and increase the feel of privacy of your property.

[PRO-TIP] Want to fast-track the first six steps? Get your home to market in your pajamas. Complete this quick entry and agents can remotely get your home listed in a matter of a few days.

8. Replace Light Fixtures

Making your home brighter by increasing the wattage of light bulbs helps make your space look bigger. If fixtures are older and have ceiling fans or chandeliers that hang down they cause the room to decrease in height. Replace those fixtures with a simple dome light fixture; this can add over a foot of vertical height to how your living space is perceived.Replacing your light fixtures is a relatively cheap and quick way to to crank up your home’s value. Most light fixtures are able to be removed with a small ladder.

9. Replace Old Carpet

Old, dirty carpet makes a house feel and look mustier. While ripping up old carpet may be a lot of effort, there are plenty of companies that can be contracted to do it for you and install new carpet too. If you want to do it yourself, installing hardwood floors yourself isn’t too difficult, as some kinds come in slats that almost “click” together into place. This is a key way to make the house look newer and more versatile in what rooms can be where.

10. Main-Floor Laundry

This trick may not be super easy, but it sure does pay off. Because a majority of houses currently on the market have their laundry appliances in the basement, this feature is a huge hit for home-buyers with any sort of issue with stairs. Having a main-floor laundry helps make laundry accessible for those aging closer to retirement, with physical handicaps or unruly, gate-proof children.

This is just the start of an endless list of possibilities of straightforward ways to increase your home’s value. There are many examples we see where homeowners invest a lot in an upgrade, only to find out it added no value, or even decreased their home’s worth. It’s best to always consult your real estate agent first.Feel free to tap the chat box on the right should you have any questions about the steps above, and most of all- good luck!
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